Intellectual Property Importance

Sometimes when we have an idea or a way to do business, people forget to protect themselves regarding intellectual property rights. I will like to clarify what a Patent is, why it is important and how to get value out of Patents.

What is a Patent?
A Patent is the exclusive right to benefit from an invention in exchange for making the details of the invention public knowledge.
In order for an invention to be patentable it must satisfy several basic requirements. It must be:

–          Patentable subject matter: in the US this includes processes, machines, compositions of matter;

–          Novel: some aspect must be different from publicly available ideas, inventions or products;

–          Non-obvious: sufficiently different such that is not obvious to someone skilled in the field;

–          Useful: functional and provides some industry or real-world benefit.

Intellectual property vs. Patents: Intellectual property (IP) includes many types of innovation or creative activity for which governments will grant exclusive rights. IP includes trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and patents. IP is a broad category that includes patents.

Patents are Property: Patents, like all intellectual property are just that: property. Although they can’t be touched or held like a car or house they possess monetary value and are owned by an individual or organization. As with tangible property, patents can also be bought, sold and traded.

Why are Patents important?

To business success: ideas and innovation are becoming the foundations for business success. Organizations that own the distinctive parts of their business that create value are better able to serve customers, run more efficiently, and command higher prices for their products.

Level the playing field: Relatively small but innovative companies that develop ground breaking IPs are able to compete with larger more established organizations for revenue and market share. In some cases, the larger organizations are forced to buy or license IP from smaller companies to stay competitive.

Encourage innovation: The legal monopoly inventors get by filing patents gives them an incentive to develop new technology. In addition, because patents make their underlying inventions public knowledge, other inventors are given the opportunity to design around or improve on patented invention.

Provide a competitive edge: Companies that control the innovation in a market get better products to market faster and have higher profit margins.

How do Organizations Get Value from their Patents?
“Whoever owns the IP owns the profits”

Offensive patent strategies:

–          Developing technology related to targeted markets (weaken competitors, gain market share); 

–          Finding infringers and asserting patents (block competitive products and business processes);

–          Licensing strong patents to other organizations (generate revenue from other companies).

Defensive patent strategies:

–          Protecting products and technology (command higher prices); 

–          Blocking competitors from market (reduce competition and maintain market share).


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Vou tentar… Não garanto nada… Eu vim para aqui trabalhar! Só tenho os fins-de-semana livres…

Austin, TX

Aqui ficam algumas fotos da Capital do Texas…

Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.

Digital Media Leadership Program

“A limited number of internships in digital media are available in Austin, Texas for qualified graduate students and early-career professionals. Through these internships, individuals will be placed with companies in Austin. Internships can be an important way for early career professionals to learn more about their areas of interest, gain valuable work experience, and further their professional careers. The internship program also includes regular meetings and workshops dedicated to topics relevant to professional development.”


Pois é caros, surgiu esta oportunidade fantástica de participar neste programa, e agradeço à VIATECLA pela oportunidade e investimento.

Estou actualmente a efectuar um estágio na Innography que tem uma plataforma online para dar ferramentas de pesquisa, análise e suporte à decisão de Propriedade Intelectual (Patents, Trademarks, etc.) aos seus utilizadores. Tenho a função de UI Developer, e estou com o objectivo de analisar e encontrar novas formas de apresentar dados com foco na Experiência de Utilizador.

Em paralelo com o estágio vou participando em Seminários e investigando matérias relacionadas com Digital Media na Universidade de Austin, Texas.

Vou deixando por aqui as experiências profissionais e pessoais que tenha nos EUA.

Evento REMIX


Participe no grande evento Web da Microsoft Portugal!
O ReMIX traz-lhe as tendência e a inovação Web: o futuro das tecnologias como o Silverlight, o Internet Explorer, Expression, ASP.NET e Windows Azure.

Um dia completo, com três tracks, 13 sessões e os melhores Oradores. Terá ainda a oportunidade de partilhar as melhores práticas com a Comunidade Web.
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Número de lugares limitado. 50€, com IVA incluído.


Suporte para Silverlight no Expression Web 3 Curso #4

Neste curso  vamos aprender mais sobre as funcionalidades de suporte a Silverlight no Expression Web 3.

Este curso encontra-se em Inglês e contém os recursos, os manuais e os tutoriais de video necessários a uma boa aprendizagem de como usar as funcionalidades de suporte e de publicação do Website por FTP sem sair do Expression Web 3.


1 – Introdução á inserção de controlos de Silverlight num Website com o Expression Web 3.

2 – Inserindo conteudos de Silverlight a um WebSite, adcionar um cabeçalho animado.

3 – Usando templates de Websites dinâmicos no Expression Web 3.

4 – Inserir Video em Silverlight no Expression Web  3 e costumizar a skin do player usando o Expression Encoder.

5 – Adicionar um projecto de DeepZoom a um Website usando o Expression Web 3.

6 – Usando a funcionalidade de Publicação de Website por FTP no Expression Web 3.

Download do Curso:

Explorando o Superpreview com o Expression Web 3 Curso #3

Neste curso sobre o SuperPreview, vamos aprender mais sobre as funcionalidades de diagnóstico e correcção da diferença visual nos diferentes Browsers.

Este curso encontra-se em Inglês e contém os recursos, os manuais e os tutoriais de video necessários a uma boa aprendizagem de como usar o SuperPreview no Expression Web 3.


1 – Introdução ao SuperPreview no Expression Web 3 – Ferramentas de Diagnóstico e teste.

2 – Definindo os browser de raíz e comparando os Mock Ups no SuperPreview com o Expression Web 3 – Adicionar um Browser local(Firefox). Configurar o modo de compatibilidade do IE8 para IE7.

3 – Identificando problemas de Layout no SuperPreview com o Expression Web 3 – Aprender como identificar problemas no código com o SuperPreview.

4 – Trabalhando com a DOM View no SuperPreview com o Expression Web 3 – Trabalhar com o HTML DOM usando o SuperPreview.


Download do curso: